September 25th, 2011

It’s been a while since I posted anything here.  The past month has been especially hectic.  My boyfriend released his first album, had a release show, and did an interview on Shade45 radio.  I got a promotion at my job so I’ve been working really hard to learn a bunch of new stuff.  These photos don’t necessarily go together, but they are a clip of my past month.

My garden has started to really put out a lot of veggies.  I got a whole handful of green beans the other day.  

I got two free “I love veggies” bags from whole foods!  This was especially great because it was pouring that day so these undoubtably saved my groceries.  And who can’t always find a use for more reusable grocery bags?

Lastly, my 2 minute healthy dinner.  This was my fall back a few nights this month.  Heat up a bag of frozen vegetables and add a little pesto.  THATS IT!  The pesto gives you some healthy fats while the majority of the meal is vegetables so it’s filling and healthy.